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I’ve mentioned before that I hate seafood. With a passion. The texture, the smell, the little fishy eyes looking back at me as I’m stuffing my face. It’s never a good time. Then Central Newfoundland happened. In my trip to St.Johns, I got to explore some of Central Newfoundland for about a week and it was quite the experience. In those 5 days, I’ve embraced my east coast side and learned to never knock something until I try it!

Cod Tongues, try ‘em!

I knew that once this trip was happening, at some point, I’d have to eat some fish. When Cod Tongues were mentioned, I laughed it off thinking “Yeah right….” Well, we got to Twillingate, and as supper was creeping up, our stomachs took us to The Anchor Inn for a meal I’d never forget. The server brought our plate and I stared at what once these poor fishies used to speak with now deep fried and ready for me to consume. I did it though, I ate TWO of them, and you know what? They tasted awesome!   A little chewy on the inside but really flavourful! It wasn’t until one fell apart, and I could see the true colours of the tongue, it’s clear why they fry it and hide that part away, because it definitely doesn’t look appetizing. All in all, I would eat it again, and I would recommend it to everyone!


Iceberg Beer, all decked out in blue

It’s no secret I enjoy beer and traveling has made me quite the connoisseur. I’ve tried local beers in each province I visited but the strangest and most exciting one was Newfoundlands famous Iceberg Beer! It comes in a blue bottle and is actually brewed with 25,000 year old icebergs, I don’t know about you but I think that’s probably the coolest thing ever in a beer. The Iceberg beer is brewed from Quidi Vidi Brewery, and they make an assortment of other fantastic beer as well!


Kitchen Parties, everyone should experience one

Kitchen Parties are hands down, one of the coolest things Newfoundlanders do. You grab some alcohol, round some people together, get your hands on an ugly stick, maybe a tambourine and some wood blocks and you party! Typically, in a kitchen! This kitchen party we went to was a pretty rocking event, Corbin, Candice and I were most definitely the only people under 55 but that didn’t matter, it gave me hope that I can one day be so fun and vibrant when I’m older. Karren Churchill was the nights entertainment and she owned the night, bringing in lots of crowd involvement and by the end of it, everyone was on their feet!

Getting Screeched in, obviously!

During this kitchen party, we had the opportunity to get screeched in. As it was leading up to the deed, I was feeling particularly full, you know, from the cod tongues and the pre-screech in drinks I was having. I wanted to back out, I didn’t think I could handle the rum and especially the dreadful cod kiss. It took a bit of hyping myself up, when would I get another chance to do this? And I was with the coolest people, I had to do it. So I went up there, along with Corbin who wasn’t an official Newfoundlander yet either, and two other people from Quebec. The Screecher Inner came out, fully dressed in yellow rain gear, bringing with her the huge Cod and of course, the screech. We made fools of ourselves trying to say the honorary speech “Long may your…Big jib draw…?” something or another. You can watch our screech in filmed by Candice here! My lovely certificate is now framed and on my wall!



Taking in the beautiful East Coast views

When people travel Canada, a lot of people seem to forget about Newfoundland or think it’s just so grey and foggy it really isn’t anything worth seeing. That is most definitely not the case. I’m convinced that Newfoundland is in my top 2 gorgeous Provinces (the other being Nova Scotia, of course!) Central Newfoundland especially, because it’s so unknown to so many people. It’s natural beauty isn’t tampered with, the old rickety houses are left that way which makes it look so authentic and aged, and that’s something I adore about Newfoundland. The sights around Central are spectacular, there is so much vivid colour in the scenery though you will have your grey days too!


Exploring Central Newfoundland was an amazing experience. When I went back to the hostel in St.Johns, I had a lot of people asking about where I had been for the past week, and more than half of them had no idea where Twillingate, Fogo Island and Change Islands were but they were so interested in them after hearing about them! I think I definitely gave some people a few new travel destinations!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time, and the cod tongues sound …ummmm … really tasty.

  2. Love those pictures Riles. Too funny!

  3. Owww I miss Newfoundland!!
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