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I recently was invited to join the “Capture the Colour Contest” by Candice from, that is being hosted by The contest is for bloggers who also share a passion for photography. I’m flattered/honoured that I was thought of ! The idea is to post a picture displaying these colours: Red, Blue, White, Yellow and Green.

Having just got back home from my small 2 month adventure, I’m eagerly looking forward to showing off some of the pictures I took, so without further ado!

I’ll start with Red

Parliament Red

I went to the Parliament of Victoria all by my lonesome and stealthily followed around other tour groups to appear not so sad. In this process, I was able to grab a bunch of really great photos of this absolutely stunning piece of architecture. Most of the colours in the building were of Gold and White, so when you found something striking like red, it really stuck out and looked majestic.


Lake Minnewanka

I was in Banff for Canada Day and I must say it was phenomenal. There was so much energy and excitement, the place was buzzing! Out of the 2 days I was there, it was the second day I really got to explore with a group of other Hostellers. We checked out Lake Louise & Lake Minnewanka. The way the Sky breaks through those clouds is gorgeous and I could sky gaze all day!


Yellow, yellow, yellow! One of my favourite colours! Who can’t love something so bright, in your face and sometimes blinding?! Grand Manan was spectacular for it’s scenery that’s for sure. I was there for 3 days and I got to see most, if not all of the Island. This was taken the day I went Sea Kayaking. I’m surprised the picture isn’t blurry from all of the nervous shaking I did beforehand.


Green is growing on me, I used to think it was one of the worst colours out there (I have no idea why I had such a hate on for it) but after having seen so much gorgeous nature this Summer I’ve come to like green. This picture was taken practically in my own (parents) backyard in Mineville, Nova Scotia. Mineville is the “boonies” of Dartmouth and you get the pleasure of seeing these sights everyday.


White Peggys Cove

Having been away for 2 months and returning to what I thought was boring old home, I learned to be a tourist in my own Province and find the gorgeous things that people would come here for. Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia is one of those places. Rocks scattered everywhere with one big lighthouse to top it off, makes for some pretty fantastic picture opportunities. I must have grabbed over 100 shots here!

I’m supposed to tag other people, but to be honest…I’m still new to the world of blogging and am unsure who to tag! So if you’re reading this and you have a blog and you’d like to participate, please feel free to!

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  1. Great photos Riley! Love the photo of Lake Minnewanka!

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