Why Stay In a Hostel?

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If you’re traveling on a budget, you want to find the cheapest accommodations. Hostels are the way to go! When I was first planning out my trip, expenses were getting to me. Hotels are expensive, couch surfing is a little scary for your first time, what else was there? A friend had mentioned to check out Hosteling. Maybe I’m just really dense but I had absolutely no idea what a hostel was. Admittedly, I did see that cheesy 2005 horror movie Hostel, but I didn’t really get it. After some research I found that Hostels were an awesome option! They’re reasonably priced, usually have all the facilities you need while traveling and they have an awesome social aspect too. This Summer I stayed in 7 different hostels all around Canada.


If you’re new to hostels, here’s what you should know about what they have to offer!

Modern Amenities 

Wifi is a necessity now a days and especially so for a lot of travellers, to keep in touch with family & friends or just to stay connected. Most hostels offer free Wifi. If you don’t have a laptop, fear not. There are internet terminals within most hostels! Laundry is another one, although not usually free it’s the same price you would pay in an apartment building. You’ll have access to a kitchen, stocked with pots, pans and basic cooking essentials, and usually a free food drawer! Common Rooms are a must, and you might even find a spare guitar to strum with some newfound friends.

Different Room Types

When booking your hostel, you’ve got plenty of room choices! If you don’t mind being in close quarters with other people, then dorms are the cheapest option. It’s usually anywhere from $20-$40 a night but they have other options as well. There are private rooms, these can be priced from $70 – $120. The private room prices can be dependant on if you have a bathroom to yourself or if you have to share. Sometimes paying a little extra can guarantee you a complimentary breakfast! Yum!


The great thing about Hostels is that there are usually events held on by the hostel daily! This gives you the ability to meet some new cool people from around the world with at least one common interest: Travel. Even if you don’t want to go out to every pubcrawl or tour, sitting in the common room will usually get you a friendly wave proceeding by a few questions about who you are, where you’re from and why you’re here. If you’re not normally one to socialize, make it a goal to try to meet someone new. It is one of the most rewarding things about traveling!

Front Desk Local Knowledge

The people working Front Desk at a hostel have a lot of responsibility. They’re likely the first people you interact with in your new location and they want to make you feel as comfortable as possible! They are the ones you go to with all of your questions! “Where is the nearest grocery store” etc. They can give you the secrets of the city, the best look out spots, cheapest beer and more. They have to know the city like the back of their hand. Make friends with them! They want to see you enjoy the city as much as they do!

There are a lot of benefits to staying in a hostel and it really is something you need to experience yourself. Remember that not all hostels are the same, there are some big name hostels which are usually top notch but some of the smaller lesser known hostels can be just as good if not better!


  1. Another awesome post Riles. Reminds me why I love hostels so much. Totally with you on the last part, they can vary like crazy. Some are more like hotels, others more like B&B’s for young adults, and others are a a perfect mix of them all. Glad to hear you’re a hostel convert!

  2. This is an option I am now seriously considering. I am going across Canada in the spring and while I had heard of hostels, my assumption was that they were for 20 somethings, when in fact they are for all ages, you just have to have an open mind and an open spirit. Thanks much for all the tips.

  3. Really nice post ! Living in an hostel was one of my best experience ever. I will definitely come back in Canada in hostels ! People you can meet are sooo interesting and the atmosphere is so cool. I love it.

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